“Building on Hmong Women’s Assets: Past, Present, and Future”
September 16-17, 2005, St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN

A conference sponsored by the Hmong Women’s Conference Committee to examine the lives of Hmong women.  Co-
Sponsors include: Women’s Consortium of MN; Center for Hmong Studies/Concordia University, Hmong Cultural
Center/Resource Center; Departments/Programs at the University of MN: Asian American Studies Program, Office for
University Women, Institute for Advanced Study, Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence, and Department of
American Studies.

Confirmed Speakers:
•        Xia Y. Vang-Texas (American Airlines)
•        Chee Xiong, RN-Colorado (Registered Nurse in Laos and in U.S.)
•        Dr. Dia Cha, St. Cloud State University, MN
•        Senator Mee Moua

The Co-Sponsors hosted a successful two-day conference focusing on Hmong women’s roles and contributions in the
past, past and future, an area that has largely been overlooked by the vast number of social science research
produced about Hmong refugees. Much of the knowledge produced about Hmong Americans have highlighted
problems and identified their cultural and social practices as traits that suggest they are unassimilable into the
American nation. Texts about Hmong history and their role during the “Secret War of Laos” often outline men’s
contribution and war narratives have lifted primarily men’s experiences. Due to the lack of literature and knowledge
about Hmong women’s roles in the Hmong community and the community at large, the goal of this conference is to
collectively display the many facets of Hmong women’s contributions.

We invited paper, panel and workshop submissions from graduate students, faculty from a range of disciplines,
community members and business leaders. Topical areas included:

Demographics of Hmong businesses
Advertising and marketing in the Hmong market
Success stories of Hmong women business owners
Financial planning
Women in politics
Class Leadership in the past, present, and future
Changing role/balancing life between work and family
Negotiating race and gender in the workplace
Race and ethnic relations
War memories-women’s contributions/experiences
Migration experiences/transnational practices
Diasporic communities/identities

For questions relating to the conference, please contact any of the following individuals:

Chia Youyee Vang (vang0147@umn.edu)
Krystal Vujongyia (Krystal.Vujongyia@state.mn.us)
Dr. Julie Keown-Bomar (jkbomar@umn.edu) or (612) 625-2385

Conference Registration Form (MS Word Format)
Conference Registration Form (PDF Format)
Conference Flyer (PDF Format)
Conference Program (MS Word Format)


A Brief Overview of Recent Scholarship on PreModern Hmong History (Conference Presentation)  
by Mark E. Pfeifer, PhD, Hmong Resource Center, Hmong Cultural Center

Hmong Migration to the West and the Politics of U.S. Refugee Resettlement Policies
by Chia Youyee Vang, Department of American Studies University of Minnesota
Houa Vue Moua presents her life story which is featured in a published oral history.
The widely-ranging Workshops related to Hmong Women at the conference were very
well-attended with many filled to capacity.
Dr. Bruce T. Downing of the University and Minnesota and PhD Student Grit Grigoleit take a
break with Chia Youyee Vang, conference planning committee member.
St. Paul School Board Vice-Chair Kazoua Kong-Thao presents in a session on Hmong women
running for political office.
Minnesota State Senator Mee Moua with several members of the Hmong Women's Conference
organizing committee sing on the stage at the conference banquet.
MayKao Hang, Bo Thao, Kazoua Kong-Thao, Mo Chang, and Mao Heu Thao, participate on
the panel “Changing Leadership Roles: Women and the Wat Tham Krabok Resettlement”
Attendees listen attentively at a panel related to the Experiences of Hmong Women in Higher
Education presented by Krystal Vujongyia, Halee Vang, Srida Moua and Dr. Kao-Ly Yang